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TX Stabilizers are here! Implementing a patented technology, kin25 of TX Keyboard has improved the design of Cherry clip-ins to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out (using stab stoppers included with the set).

The patented design features a double shot stabilizer stem with a POM outside and TPU & POM mixture inside. This mixture helps to minimize wire rattle and bottom out noise.

TX Stabilizers

  • Designed by kin25
  • PCB mount clip-in design
  • Doubleshot stem
    • POM outside
    • TPU & POM inside
  • Stabilizer stoppers, prevents wire pop-out
  • Available in:
    • WK (6.25U) or WKL (7U)
    • Black or White
    • 1.6T (standard PCB Size) & 1.2T (thin PCB size)
  • Each kit comes with: 4x 2u wires, 1x 6.25u wire (WK kit) or 1x 7u wire (WKL kit) and 1x pack stabilizer stoppers.

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