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Prevail Key Co. is proud to be partnered with Cobertt from the MechGroupBuys community! Cobertt is also the owner of Control On Caps, this is a premium offering of build services done solely by himself. 

Cobertt brings over a decade of experience in the enthusiast mechanical keyboard hobby. He offers services such as:

  • Full Board Builds
  • Switch Modding - Lubing, Filming, Frankenswitching
  • Mill-Max Modifications
  • Soldering & Desoldering
  • And More!

Cobertt can also feature your build on his Twitch stream! He will stream the full build, answer questions, and offer helpful, friendly advice to novices and experienced enthusiasts alike.

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Control On Caps | Discord

Contact Cobertt directly at or on Discord, Cobertt#0004

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