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Product Type: Switch Film
Vendor: Jinra's Workshop

These are THICC switch films from Jinra's Workshop! Made from 3D printed PLA plastic, they come in two sizes: THICC & THICC (resized), with the resized version being thinner. Each pack comes with 110 switch films and are available in a variety of colors.

THICC switch films are about 0.22-0.25mm thick and roughly 0.03-0.07mm thicker than TX films (0.15mm). The THICC (resized) version is thinner, at around 0.15-0.18mm and are slightly thicker than TX films (0.15mm), but provides a better fit for switches with tight housings like NK Creams.

"I found that THICC films create a tighter fit, leading to a more consistent and clackier tone. THICC films don't have the bar on the lower side like other films do, as switch housings don't make contact there anyway, especially with thicker films.

Personal Theory: THICC films provide more pressure on the upper and lower housing which cause the housing to have a crisper pitch, but at the same time, creating more a clearer THOCC." -Jinra

Please reference the compatibility chart from Jinra with recommendations for which size is best suited for common switches. YouTube videos, quotes and compatibility chart posted with Jinra's permission.

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