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Prevail Switch Films

These are our switch films, featuring a gasket material similar to Deskeys, which makes them very compressible. Designed to fit MX style switches, our switch films are 0.3mm thick and are available...
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Switch Tripods

Designed by VLKBD, these are switch tripods, made from a type of foam. Compared to other under-switch foam products, these are much easier to install and go on the switch itself,...
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Durock Switch Films

These Durock switch films are 0.15mm thick and made from a combination of HTV+PC material. Please see the image below from Durock on how to properly orient the switch film within...
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Deskeys Switch Films

Deskeys popular switch films, comes in black only, these are 0.3mm thick and there are 120 films per pack.  These switch films are designed to fit MX style housings. They are made...
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TX Switch Films

These are TX switch films, which are used to reduce housing wobble during key presses. Made from a polycarbonate (PC) material, they come in either 0.125mm or 0.15mm sizes and clear color...