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Monstargear x Prevail Lube Station

Made by Monstargear, this lube station is perfect for being able to hold plenty of switches and have separate compartments for your springs, lube and brush. It's designed to fit mx style switches....
$39.95 $34.95
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Gateron Switch Opener

This is Gateron's switch opener, using a clever handheld design. This is made to easily open switches without straining your hands or fingers. Comes in the same four colors as the...
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Gateron V2 Switch Puller

This is Gateron's improved V2 switch puller. It's an updated design to their switch puller with improved internal mechanism and soft plastic bottom end to help resist scratching the PCB &...
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Gateron Keycap Puller

This is Gateron's new keycap puller, it uses the same metal body as the switch puller but with rubberized bottom grips. This prevents scratching or damaging the keycap when pulling...
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Monstargear x Prevail Switch Opener

These are aluminum switch openers from Monstargear and are available in black or pink colors. These openers feature a brushed aluminum finish and each half closes together magnetically, they can open...
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Lube Brush

This high quality artist brush from Monstargear is made with artificial hair and manufactured in South Korea. It's the perfect size and has great brush head tension for lubing your switches.
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Switch Stem Picker

This is the TX-style switch stem holder, which is actually a mechanical charcoal pencil. It is sized perfectly to hold switch stems while you lube them. Since it doesn't use...
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Switch Stem Holder

This is a 4-prong gem holder that is also a great tool for holding switch stems. It's spring loaded, made from sterling silver, and makes lubing stems much easier with...