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TX Stabilizers [Rev 3]

TX Stabilizers are here! Implementing a patented technology, kin25 of TX Keyboard has improved the design of Cherry clip-ins to minimize rattling and prevent wire pop-out (using stab stoppers included...
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Owlab Owlstab V2 Stabilizers

These are Owlab's latest iteration of their Owlstab PCB screw-in stabilizers. These are offered in 80%/100% kits, two colors (smokey/clear), come with Liquidmetal® wires, wire cushions and teflon tape. These...
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Durock V2 Stabilizers

These are Durock V2 PCB mounted (screw-in) stabilizers.  They come pre-clipped and feature an improved design to prevent wire popping. The V2 stabilizers are offered in kits and single stabilizer options, this offers flexibility...
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Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizers

These are Gateron's Ink PCB screw-in stabilizers, that are made from the same nylon material as their Ink Black switches. These are a high quality and premium offering for screw-in stabilizers and they are being...
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Prevail Stabilizer Tester

This is our Prevail stabilizer testing station, this helps with tuning your stabs to perfection before installing them into your board. Perfect for enthusiasts that want to make sure their...
$8.95 $6.95
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AEBoards Staebies V2

These are the much hyped Staebies PCB screw-in stabilizer kits, designed by Zambumon in partnership with AEBoards.  This updated version of the Staebies has increased compatibility with keycaps due to the stem size being reduced...
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Cherry PCB Clip-In Stabilizers

These are authentic Cherry PCB clip-in stabilizers paired with black Durock wires. Available in single stabilizer options or a kit, these stabilizers clip into the PCB without the need for...
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Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers

Plate mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come un-clipped and with stainless steel wires. black and white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers,...
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Prevail Plate Mounted Stabilizers

These are our plate-mounted stabilizer kits. Featuring the same plastic housing found in the Durock plate-mount kits, these kits are high quality, come with more stabilizers in each pack and...
$14.95 $12.95
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Joininkeys Plate Mounted Stabilizers

These are plate-mounted stabilizer kits from Joininkeys. They come in a different color combinations to match some popular switch designs. These are pre-clipped, no clipping required! Switch color combos include Matchas,...
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Tecsee Stabilizers

These are Tecsee's new PCB screw-in stabilizers. They are being sold in the same style kit as the Durock V2 stabilizers. These are screw-in stabilizers, they will not work on...
$13.95 $11.95
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Durock Stabilizer Wires

Durock stabilizer wires are here, right now only black wires are available, but we'll be adding gold-plated wires soon.  Single wire options available, as well as a black hardware kit....