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3305 Mill-Max Sockets

These are 3305 Mill-Max sockets, which are very similar to the 7305 sockets but designed specifically for keyboards. You can turn a solder PCB into a hotswap PCB with these...
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7305 Mill-Max Sockets

These 7305 Mill-Max sockets can be soldered to your PCB to turn it into a hot-swap board. This is for turning a solder only PCB into a hotswap PCB.  Remember that...
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AEBoards Staebies V2

These are the much hyped Staebies PCB screw-in stabilizer kits, designed by Zambumon in partnership with AEBoards.  This updated version of the Staebies has increased compatibility with keycaps due to the stem size being reduced...
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Alexandrite Switches

The third switch in the Ashkeebs line-up, Alexandrite linear switches aim for a smooth stock typing experience and thocky acoustic.  The UPE stem and HPE top housing combination allow for...
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Cherry MX Black Hyperglide

These are Cherry MX Black switches with the new hyperglide tooling. This update to the Cherry MX line of mechanical keyboard switches improves smoothness, reduces stem wobble and increases switch actuations...
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Cherry PCB Clip-In Stabilizers

These are authentic Cherry PCB clip-in stabilizers paired with black Durock wires. Available in single stabilizer options or a kit, these stabilizers clip into the PCB without the need for...
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Deskeys Switch Films

Deskeys popular switch films, comes in black only, these are 0.3mm thick and there are 120 films per pack.  These switch films are designed to fit MX style housings. They are made...
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Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers

Plate mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come un-clipped and with stainless steel wires. black and white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers,...
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Durock POM Switches

These are Durock's POM linear switches, these full POM housings, linear stem (proprietary P3 material) and 63g gold-plated spring. The all POM housing provides a deeper sound for the switch compared to PC...
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Durock Stabilizer Wires

Durock stabilizer wires are here, right now only black wires are available, but we'll be adding gold-plated wires soon.  Single wire options available, as well as a black hardware kit....
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Durock Switch Films

These Durock switch films are 0.15mm thick and made from a combination of HTV+PC material. Please see the image below from Durock on how to properly orient the switch film within...
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Durock V2 Stabilizers

These are Durock V2 PCB mounted (screw-in) stabilizers.  They come pre-clipped and feature an improved design to prevent wire popping. The V2 stabilizers are offered in kits and single stabilizer options, this offers flexibility...
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Gateron Cap Brown V1 Switches

These are Gateron Cap Brown V1 switches. These are a medium tactile switch that come in a brown housing, with a 55g (actuation) gold plated spring. They also feature Gateron's new cap stem which is supposed to reduce...
$40.50 $31.50
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Gateron CJ Switches

These are Gateron's new China Joy (CJ) switches. These feature a POM bottom housing, translucent top housing made of their INK switch material, POM stem and 60g linear spring. Sold...
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Gateron G-Pro Milky Yellow Switches

This is the milky housing variant of Gateron's G-Pro switch line. The G-Pro switches feature a new stem mold to reduce stem wobble and provide a smoother typing experience. This...
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Gateron Ink Black V2 Switches

These are Gateron Ink Black V2 linear switches, known for their deeper sound, they are always a great switch option. Sold in quantities of 70, 90 & 110 Switch Information Dark translucent housing...