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Gateron Ink Black V2 Switches

These are Gateron Ink Black V2 linear switches, known for their deeper sound, they are always a great switch option. Sold in quantities of 70, 90 & 110 Switch Information Dark translucent housing...
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Gateron G-Pro Milky Yellow Switches

This is the milky housing variant of Gateron's G-Pro switch line. The G-Pro switches feature a new stem mold to reduce stem wobble and provide a smoother typing experience. This...
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Gateron Oil King Switches

These are Gateron's new Oil King switches, they feature a nylon top housing, INK material bottom housing and POM stem. This switch also has a 20mm black spring with 55g...
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Gateron CJ Switches

These are Gateron's new China Joy (CJ) switches. These feature a POM bottom housing, translucent top housing made of their INK switch material, POM stem and 60g linear spring. Sold...
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Gateron KS-3 Switches

These are Gateron's KS-3 full nylon switches, which are considered some of the best budget switches around. They feature a black full nylon housing and yellow POM stem. Sold in quantities...
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Gateron G-Pro 2.0 Yellow (KS-9) Switches

These are Gateron's G-Pro 2.0 Yellow (KS-9) Switches. These linear switches use an upgraded mold for even less stem wobble, better construction and allows for more optimal LED lighting. Sold...