Featured products such as Krytox GPL 105 oil, TriboSys 3203, Monstargear lube station, lube brush, Durock PCB mount screw-in stabilizers and 7305 Mill-Max hot-swap sockets.
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SPRiT MX Slow Extreme Springs

These are SPRiT Slow Extreme springs, offered in a range of variants from Slow Extreme 1 through Slow Extreme 5. They start heavier on the keypress compared to standard linear springs and get...
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SPRiT MX Multi-Stage Springs

These are SPRiT Multi-Stage springs, which combine a medium linear + slow linear force curve rate. These are made in M0, M1 and M2 styles, currently we only have M2 in-stock. The...
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Matcha Switches

These are Joininkeys Matcha Switches, which are manufactured by JWK. They are a JWK linear recolor, in a nice cream and matcha green colorway. These have a PC top housing, nylon bottom...
$42.00 $37.50
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H1 Switches

These are the legendary H1 linear switches designed by HHHH (Quad H), these come with a 78g gold plated spring. They are manufactured by JWK, with a special material added in...
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Cherry MX Black Hyperglide

These are Cherry MX Black switches with the new hyperglide tooling. This update to the Cherry MX line of mechanical keyboard switches improves smoothness, reduces stem wobble and increases switch actuations...
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Gateron Switch Opener

This is Gateron's switch opener, using a clever handheld design. This is made to easily open switches without straining your hands or fingers. Comes in the same four colors as the...
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Tecsee Stabilizers

These are Tecsee's new PCB screw-in stabilizers. They are being sold in the same style kit as the Durock V2 stabilizers. These are screw-in stabilizers, they will not work on...
$13.95 $11.95
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Joininkeys Plate Mounted Stabilizers

These are plate-mounted stabilizer kits from Joininkeys. They come in a different color combinations to match some popular switch designs. These are pre-clipped, no clipping required! Switch color combos include Matchas,...
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Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizers

These are Gateron's Ink PCB screw-in stabilizers, that are made from the same nylon material as their Ink Black switches. These are a high quality and premium offering for screw-in stabilizers and they are being...
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Tecsee Diamond Switches

These are Tecsee's Diamond linear switches, which consist of a UHMWPE top housing & stem, PC bottom housing and 63.5g two-stage, gold-plated long spring (22mm). These are lightly factory lubed....
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Prevail Switch Films

These are our switch films, featuring a gasket material similar to Deskeys, which makes them very compressible. Designed to fit MX style switches, our switch films are 0.3mm thick and are available...
$6.95 $5.95
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3305 Mill-Max Sockets

These are 3305 Mill-Max sockets, which are very similar to the 7305 sockets but designed specifically for keyboards. You can turn a solder PCB into a hotswap PCB with these...
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Gateron Keycap Puller

This is Gateron's new keycap puller, it uses the same metal body as the switch puller but with rubberized bottom grips. This prevents scratching or damaging the keycap when pulling...
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Gateron G-Pro Milky Yellow Switches

This is the milky housing variant of Gateron's G-Pro switch line. The G-Pro switches feature a new stem mold to reduce stem wobble and provide a smoother typing experience. This...
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Prevail Epsilon Switches

These are our Epsilon switches; this switch features a bright orange color, full nylon housing, JWK's P3 stem (same stem from their Durock POM linear switches) and 68g long progressive spring. With the full...
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Switch Tripods

Designed by VLKBD, these are switch tripods, made from a type of foam. Compared to other under-switch foam products, these are much easier to install and go on the switch itself,...