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Product Type: Plate
Vendor: Prevail Key Co.

Group Buy Terms & Conditions

This is a group buy, due to the nature of this order and group buy, all sales are final. There will be no cancellations or refunds. PCBs can be purchased along with the FR4 plates, but please do not have any other items from the shop in your order.

If you order other shop items with this group buy, those items will NOT ship until fulfillment. During GB fulfillment, any other items on the order that happen to be out of stock at that time will be removed & refunded.

In the event the group buy does not meet MOQ, or any other extenuating circumstance prevents the orders from being placed with the manufacturer, then all orders will be refunded.


This is an aftermarket FR4 plate designed for the ai03 Polaris keyboard. It is available in black or white.

This product is not endorsed or supported by ai03. It was designed with the publicly available files released by ai03 himself.

This is a group buy, MOQ is 60 total FR4 plates, 30 of each color. Group buy will run for two weeks, we will sell past MOQ if orders go beyond it. Estimated lead time from end of GB to fulfillment is 6 weeks.

Group Buy ends on 4/12

FR4 Plate Specs

FR4 plate is 1.6mm thick - [PCBs are 1.2mm thick]

Supports same layouts as the solder & hotswap PCBs

Available in Black or White

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