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Prevail Epsilon Switches

This is our new Epsilon linear switch, designed by Joininkeys* with a small amount of input from us for our version, and manufactured by JWK. This switch features a bright orange color, full nylon...
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Prevail Prolong Springs

These are our new Prolong (long progressive) springs, they offer a mixed feel of linear and progressive. These springs are 20mm long, gold-plated and provide a different, yet very pleasant typing experience....
$14.95 $12.95
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Prevail Three-Stage Springs

These are our new three-stage springs, they are 22mm long, gold-plated and available in 63.5g and 68g bottom out weights. The three-stage springs provide a feeling of a punchy linear spring, while having an extremely snappy...
$14.95 $12.95
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Prevail Switch Films

These are our new switch films, featuring a gasket material similar to Deskeys, which makes them very compressible. Designed to fit MX style switches, our switch films are 0.3mm thick and...
$6.95 $5.95
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Tecsee Ice Candy Switches

This is Tecsee's new Ice Candy switch, which is a fully transparent PC housing and nylon stem. This switch also features a 63.5g two-stage long spring and very light factory lube application....
$6.50 $6.00
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Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers

Plate mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come un-clipped and with stainless steel wires. black and white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers,...