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Durock V2 Stabilizers

These are Durock V2 PCB mounted (screw-in) stabilizers.  They come pre-clipped and feature an improved design to prevent wire popping. The V2 stabilizers are offered in kits and single stabilizer options, this offers flexibility...
$3.50 $2.75
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Durock Plate Mounted Stabilizers

Plate mount stabilizer kits from Durock, these come un-clipped and with stainless steel wires. black and white color housing options are available and every kit comes with: 4x 2u stabilizers,...
$9.95 $5.00
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Prevail Plate Mounted Stabilizers

These are our plate-mounted stabilizer kits. Featuring the same plastic housing found in the Durock plate-mount kits, these kits are high quality, come with more stabilizers in each pack and...
$12.95 $5.00
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Prevail Stabilizer Tester

This is our Prevail stabilizer testing station, this helps with tuning your stabs to perfection before installing them into your board. Perfect for enthusiasts that want to make sure their...
$6.95 $3.00
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SPRiT MX Slow Extreme Springs

These are SPRiT Slow Extreme springs, offered in a range of variants from Slow Extreme 1 through Slow Extreme 5. They start heavier on the keypress compared to standard linear springs and get...
$13.50 $6.00
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SPRiT MX Supreme Springs

These are SPRiT MX Supreme springs, which are standard linear force springs. Available in a variety of spring weights, these are made from high-quality stainless steel with 99.5% precision. Each pack has 100...
$13.50 $7.00
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Prevail Three-Stage Springs

These are our new three-stage springs, they are 22mm long, gold-plated and available in 63.5g and 68g bottom out weights. The three-stage springs provide a feeling of a punchy linear spring, while having an extremely snappy...
$11.95 $5.00
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Prevail Linear Springs

These new springs are made from high-quality stainless steel and feature a standard linear force curve. These are your basic keyboard switch springs, right now offered in 63.5g bottom out weight. ...
$7.49 $5.00
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Jwick Ginger Milk Switches

Jwick Ginger Milk Switches are linear switches with a PC top housing, nylon bottom housing, and newly designed POM boxed stem. It features a new large lock top housing and a...
$38.50 $25.00
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Prevail Switch Films

These are our switch films, featuring a gasket material similar to Deskeys, which makes them very compressible. Designed to fit MX style switches, our switch films are 0.3mm thick and are available...
$5.95 $4.00
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Switch Tripods

Designed by VLKBD, these are switch tripods, made from a type of foam. Compared to other under-switch foam products, these are much easier to install and go on the switch itself,...
$7.95 $3.00
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Lube Brush

This high quality artist brush from Monstargear is made with artificial hair and manufactured in South Korea. It's the perfect size and has great brush head tension for lubing your switches.
$2.95 $1.00
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Switch Stem Holder

This is a 4-prong gem holder that is also a great tool for holding switch stems. It's spring loaded, made from sterling silver, and makes lubing stems much easier with...
$4.95 $3.00
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Switch Stem Picker

This is the TX-style switch stem holder, which is actually a mechanical charcoal pencil. It is sized perfectly to hold switch stems while you lube them. Since it doesn't use...
$5.95 $4.00
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Gateron Keycap Puller

This is Gateron's new keycap puller, it uses the same metal body as the switch puller but with rubberized bottom grips. This prevents scratching or damaging the keycap when pulling...
$29.95 $17.00