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Lube Station Bundle [Blackout Edition]

These lube station bundles are perfect for anyone new to the hobby or wanting to upgrade their current modding setup. Offered with the choice of either the large Monstargear lube...
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Tecsee Oreo Switches

These are Tecsee's Oreo switches, featuring a PME top housing, nylon bottom and UHMWPE linear stem. These switches come with a gold-plated, 63.5g two-stage spring. Sold in quantities of 10, 1x...
$6.50 $6.15
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Gateron KS-3 Switches

These are Gateron's KS-3 full nylon switches, which are considered some of the best budget switches around. They feature a black full nylon housing and yellow POM stem. Sold in quantities...
$2.50 $2.10
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JWK P3 Stems

These are JWK P3 stems, this is the same stem found in the Durock POM linear switch. They are made from a proprietary material mixture that has not been disclosed....
$29.95 $28.49
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Scray - Bespoke Screw Tray [Group Buy]

This product is a group buy! Please read the below terms, by purchasing this group buy item, you agree to the following: Since this is a group buy, discount codes and...
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Prevail Prolong Springs

These are our long progressive springs! These springs are 20mm in length, gold-plated and provide a different, bouncy and very pleasant typing experience. Available in 63.5g and 68g bottom out weights, each pack comes...
$12.95 $11.49
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Prevail Switch Films

These are our switch films, featuring a gasket material similar to Deskeys, which makes them very compressible. Designed to fit MX style switches, our switch films are 0.3mm thick and are available...
$6.95 $5.49
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Prevail Three-Stage Springs

These are our new three-stage springs, they are 22mm long, gold-plated and available in 63.5g and 68g bottom out weights. The three-stage springs provide a feeling of a punchy linear spring, while having an extremely snappy...
$12.95 $11.49
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Tecsee Ice Candy Switches

This is Tecsee's new Ice Candy switch, which is a fully transparent PC housing and nylon stem. This switch also features a 63.5g two-stage long spring and very light factory lube application....
$6.50 $5.50
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Gateron Ink V2 Stabilizers

These are Gateron's Ink PCB screw-in stabilizers, that are made from the same nylon material as their Ink Black switches. These are a high quality and premium offering for screw-in stabilizers and they are being...
$27.95 $26.49