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Monstargear K80
  • The hits keep coming, now I'm being told that logistics is delayed, all K80s are just waiting for a spot on a boat for ocean freight
  • Should have a firm date soon, but now it may get pushed back to early March
  • We're so sorry for the hiccups and I know Monstargear is working tirelessly to get them loaded and shipped, this delay was really out of our hands (logistics company promised a date, then pushed it back)
  • Different manufacturer & shipping provider will be used going forward, with proven track records so we don't run into these issues going forward
  • As soon as we have the K80s in hand, we will do another quick QC on each one and start fulfilling NA orders (announcements will be made)

Morgrie Stabilizers
  • As you may have seen in the product-updates channel, got a bunch of Morgrie stabilizers in, that's only half (500 kits ordered), the rest are showing up tomorrow
  • They will go on sale tomorrow, there will be 9 colors available and you can mix/match the housing & insert colors, kits will be priced at about $16
  • To reduce the price some and because most people (from my experience) don't need 7x 2u stabs, I had them tailor it down to 4x 2u, 1x 6.25u and 1x 7u wire
  • Each kit comes in really nice packaging, stabilizers, wires, washers AND cushion shims (i.e. stab foam)

Morgrie Samurai Soul

Lube Stations
  • Monstargear lube stations were supposed to arrive today, they didn't, so hopefully tomorrow, 2/19/2021
  • Order going in soon for more, which will include NEW colors for both large/small stations
  • New colors are full black and black/purple

Deskmat GB
  • Decided to run the three deskmats as an unlimited fulfillment
  • Sales will start March 1st and run through the month
  • I'm being told lead time from submitting the order -> shipping the mats will be 2-3 months
  • These will still be the 900x400x5mm with black stitched edges

Nebula Switches
  • Still actively working on this project, but details remain REDACTED
  • Big news will be shared on REDACTED
  • MOQ and pricing may have been lowered to REDACTED
  • The switch housing may now be full REDACTED


Prevail Custom Keyboards

  • Not much to share yet, aimed for new people in the hobby
  • Currently in design phase, working with a VERY talented designer
  • Intended to be well designed, well made and affordable
  • Full aluminum case, gasket mount, hotswap PCB, plate, stabilizers AND possibly keycaps included for a very attractive price
By Prevail Key Co.


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